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Welding of outer edges

Welding automatic ZEPIN VX consisting of working table and clamping part. Vertical beam with copper backing strip with protecting gas and water cooling. On the beam with backing strip the cabinet is laid down by operator (backing strip is inside of cabinet).

Two rows of clamping levers press the both welded edges together. Welding torch is moved along the weld path by travel track with AC-servodriven motor unit.

Welds are clean, flat, usually no grinding is needed.

Welding of switchboard cabinets on the roof and base plates

For welding of cabinets with inserted top and bottom wall special „clamping bench“ from our development is used.

Clamping bench design is based on the standard solutions of ZEPIN-type automatics, with copper backing strip for supporting and shielding of the welding root from the bottom side, and 2 rows of pneumatic driven clamping levers holding the material and assuring straightness and constant heat transfer into the copper backing.

As Option AVC unit for keeping the constant distance of electrode to the welded material is recommended. For each width special supporting beam with copper backing is to be used.

Resistance welding of switch-board cabinets and data boxes

At appropriate design of the boxes production can be automatized by using the resistance welding. The installation includes robot with loading capacity of 150-200 kg, X-type resistance welding gun with special designed arms and electrodes for reaching the small space between the welded walls and manipulator for turning the piece-parts during automatic welding procedure.

System with two manipulators (turntables) enables to reach the highest output by loading and unloading during automatic working cycle in another station.

Welding of modular standing panel-boards by MIG/MAG

Cabinets are made from floor and roof panel and four corner profiles, welded together by couple of short welds in each corner place, produced in high number of versions and cross-sections. System with welding robot on the travel track and two workstations with clamping jigs which are adjustable for all the cabinet-types.

Turning device consists of two synchronous driven headstocks in each station which are travelling on the floor track and turning on both sides by the working program.

By this design there is no mechanical connection between both jigs / headstocks, i.e. no parts are inhibiting the loading / unloading and welding.

Welding of earth bolts

For welding of earth bolts CNC-stud welding automatic type MeriMat was developed. Automatic consists of sturdy table with precise linear guidance and toothed rack for motion of the „gantry“, next set of linear guidance for Y-motion of the welding head.

Automatic welding head equipped with vibratory magazine / feeder. According to the application more separate carriages for independent motion of several heads can be used on the gantry, with pneumatic or servodriven vertical slide.

CNC control system with teach pendant for maintenance and programming.


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