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More than 20 years experiences with welding automation and robotics

Robotic systems

BOKI robotizované systémy spol. s r.o. is a Czech private company which has been in the field of the production and development of single-purpose welders for arc (MIG/MAG, WIG, flux-cored) and resistance welding, stud welding and robotized welding workstations, material manipulation and other technologies since 1992.

Our staff qualified in providing the construction, production and maintenance services is located in our new headquarters, our subsidiary in Slovakia and a network of foreign sales and technical agencies.

Main fields of application:

  • production of tubes and small volume pressure vessels ( fire extinguishers, tanks f. food industry, air-receivers f. car brake circuits, hot-water boilers ... )
  • production of middle volume tanks ( vessels f. food and chemical industry, water boilers )
  • steel constructions and beams ( girders f. truck or wagon frames, crane profiles,..)

For all of these groups we developed a wide range of standard equipment which are modified or redesigned in case of special requirements of the customers.


with company ColeTrax (A) developed laser-seam-tracking system
first important installations in China, Mexico and USA
supply of „Jigless“ robotized welding system for fan wheels
development of automatics SVB-Merimat for stud-welding
opening of new facility in Dobroviz
first automatic line for production of water boilers (PL)
innovated series of seamwelders ZEPIN on the market
beginning of cooperation at the development of technique for repair welding of VVER reactor pressure vessel
new offices and assembly works in Knezeves
first participation on Essen Welding and Cutting show
development of own simple mechanized welding systems started
company Boki robotizované systémy spol s r.o. founded as sole representation of robot-producer IGM

We offer

  • maximum flexibility of repairs and spare-parts delivery
    • thanks to unification of hardware components, control units, drives, sensors etc.
  • fast commissioning
    • each machine is carefully tested before delivery
  • sturdy design
    • reliable working in three-shift operation
    • suitable for heavy industrial use

Our products